North Park Residence

Main characteristics

The North Park Residence is a residential building consisting of two entrances, a courtyard with parking spaces and two underground floors with garages and parking lots. It is located on Republic Street, in Lev Tolstoy, close to Nadezhda 2 and Svoboda. The neighborhood is characterized by large and undeveloped inter-block spaces, many green areas and playgrounds. The good location offers its residents all the amenities they would need, schools, kindergartens, public transportation and supermarkets. “North Park Residence” is built near one of the main boulevards in Sofia, Rozhen Blvd., Lomsko Shosse Blvd. velocity tangent / ring road /. Within walking distance is one of the largest and renovated parks in the capital “North Park”. The building also borders many green and playgrounds.

Main advantages of the location:

  • 5 min drive to Iliyantsi Bazaar
  • 1 min walk to the bus stop, tram 6
  • 1 min walk to the bus stop, bus 83
  • 10 min walk to Han Kubrat Subway Station
  • 10 minutes walk to North Park
  • 10 min by car to the center of Sofia
  • 5 min by car to the north speed tangent / cut road /

School institutions:

  • 54 Sofia University “St. Ivan Rilski”
  • 15 SU “Adam Mickiewicz”
  • PGHMBT “Prof. Pencho Raykov
  • 153 Neofit Rilski Sports School
  • 102 OU “Panayot Volov”
  • 141 Primary School “Narodni Buditeli”
  • 137 Kalina Malina ODZ
  • 90 ODZ “Weight of Pospaleyev”
  • 15 Chuchuliga ODZ

Main features of the building:

INSULATION: Exterior masonry of Wienerberger Poroterm N + F bricks and internal masonry of Wienerberger Forati bricks. Top-grade bricks with excellent thermal and noise insulation properties.

ENERGY SAVING: The construction of the North Park Residence will use XPS 10cm technology, which provides over 40% energy savings, which in turn increases the life of the facade.

WINDOWS: 6 chamber windows with German fittings: Four-season windows outside, argon gas in the middle and K glass inside, providing over 40% energy saving and sound insulation.

COMMON PARTS: The building will use entirely natural granite flooring for the staircase and high-end lifts. A security room (concierge) is also provided.

HEATING: The heating will be with district heating.


  • Walls – gypsum putty
  • Walls in bathrooms and WC – lime-cement plaster
  • Ceilings – gypsum putty
  • Sub – cement grease
  • Exterior armored door
  • Electrical installation according to the project
  • Built-in water supply to the plug with mounted water meter
  • Built-in OV project with installed vertical risers and mounted horizontal grid in the basement and floors, without radiators and apartment collectors
  • Terraces – waterproofing and granite tiles
  • Telephone, intercom bell systems, cabling for security and Internet.
Summary for the project

The North Park Residence is a residential building with apartments, garages and parking lots, located near Rozhen Blvd., Nikola Zhekov Blvd. and Republic Street in Lev Tolstoy and close to Hope 2 and Svoboda Quarter.

You can get more information about vacant apartments in the “North Park Residence”. Call us: +359 889 111 500

st. Republica
Underground garages
Overhead garages
Total area
8800 m²
Building permit
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