About us

Our story

Global Capital Trading Ltd. is part of a holding structure specialized in the implementation and management of investment projects. The company has interests in the field of real estate, analysis, consulting and investment in attractive projects. Diversification is a basic principle in the investment policy of the company, therefore we have a rich portfolio of many realized projects.

In a period of difficulties for the industry, we do not stop to achieve good results in the field of sales, by keeping our price advantages and strictly observed deadlines.

Global Capital Trading Ltd. pursues a policy of continuous growth, without the risks of over-expansion, backed by sufficient own reserves.

Why choose us as your partner?

  • The long-standing experience of the company is our stable and secure base on which we build projects of excellent quality.
  • Continuous pursuit of maximum satisfaction of your requirements.
  • We carefully plan and pay special attention to each element of the overall project.
  • The price policy of the company is aimed at offering values among the best for Bulgaria.
  • We use building materials of proven quality and rely on technical execution with leading modern systems and technologies.
  • We offer high quality construction services in accordance with the latest global trends in the industry.
  • The long life of the buildings and the aesthetically pleasing aesthetics of the architecture create a secure vision for a well-founded long-term investment and satisfaction with each of our current or future clients.
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