Who We Are and What We Do
We analyze and invest

Each of our future projects has sound and secure foundations planned to perfection.

We plan and design

Good basics lead to a successful plan of action, calculated to the last detail.

We build and sell

As a result, we do not build buildings, but a cozy home and dreams come true.

About us

We at Global Capital Trading Ltd. know that high quality construction is a guarantee for a cozy home and a peaceful life. It is at the heart of our every project and provides comfort, security of living, low operating costs, long life of buildings and a sustainable aesthetics of architecture.

For your safety and satisfaction, we work with the highest quality building materials proven on the world market. Moreover, we rely on technical implementation with leading-edge systems and technologies.

  • The long-standing experience of the company is our stable and secure base on which we build projects of excellent quality.
  • Continuous pursuit of maximum satisfaction of your requirements.
  • We carefully plan and pay special attention to each element of the overall project.
  • The pricing policy of the company is aimed at offering values among the best for Bulgaria.

Realized projects

Dreams sooner or later become reality, look at them in detail.


For sale

See what your current and current projects are or choose your safe and peaceful home.


Future projects

We at Global Capital Trading are constantly looking for new projects and are open to promising investments.

Latest Projects
North Park Residence
Isidora Gardens

Vision and goals

The main objective of Global Capital Trading is to offer high quality construction services in accordance with the latest global trends in the industry. The long life of the buildings and the aesthetically pleasing aesthetics of the architecture create a secure vision for a well-founded long-term investment and satisfaction with each of our clients.

our mission

Global Capital Trading Ltd. pursues a policy of continuous growth, without the risks of over-expansion, unpaid with sufficient own reserves. Therefore, we do not build or sell buildings, but real homes. A home where you can feel safe, comfortable and happy. With us you will bet on safe quality, deadlines and individual attitude.

Are you looking for a new home?